Our Services

  • Business model development
    We offer guidance to power producers, consumers and retailers to augment their business by developing procurement strategies in the energy markets in national or regional EU level. We develop a complete business implementation plan, identifying cost-effective information sources, finding patterns of causality and translating analytic insights into actionable business information.
  • Market and regulatory analysis for business economic growth
    Our experts create commercial and technical business cases by enabling insights into energy markets and complex regulatory environment. We conduct CBA analysis and modeling, economic and environmental risk assessments, and provide consultancy on market access in EU level.
  • Strategic consultancy for market and business players to expand
    By using market exposure analysis tools, we develop with our clients strategies to structure and improve energy hedging decisions. We offer a wide range of business solutions including market research, feasibility studies, market analysis and selection, market entry strategy, partner search, support services.
  • Innovation project research and transfer of technology
    We bring emerging low-carbon technology to market by securing funding, managing research projects, and supporting technology transfer. We develop energy master plans, mobility studies, renewable energy and city data visualizations.
  • Strategic consultancy to help energy actors to adjust to decarbonisation
    We develop project economic models for performing custom cash flow analysis for power generation, distribution, and transmission project analysis. We conduct system adequacy assessments and load forecasting for short, medium and long-term horizon. We offer energy efficiency consulting for financial institutions and governmental parties. We offer a huge pack of services, including design, installation, maintenance and operation of renewable energy systems.
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